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A Conversation with Brandon Ford



Please note there was a break in the transmission at almost 10 minutes in -- please be patient the intermission is not long.DEAD HEARTbyBrandon Ford In Brandon Ford’s Dead Heart, his protagonist, Carl, is an artist. He makes the dead beautiful in their final rest. It is important to be stunning, handsome, well at least not dead looking when all our friends come by for that final goodbye. And Carl is the expert, but Carl also has a hobby. He delivers the bodies of the dead to the highest bidder for the purpose of… Let’s just say, here I’ll let you use your imagination and whatever you think it is, believe me it’s worse.Dead Heart written by Brandon Ford is a story that will open your eyes to things you never wanted them to see, the only problem you do not know that until you have allowed your gaze to go there. So go there my friends, see what you did not want to see. Excellent job, Mr. Ford, however, I have decided on immediate cremation or interment in the back yard upon my death. Read this horror story and t