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Renee's Top Ten LIst for 2011



Renee's Top Ten List for 20111.  Potter's Field -- by Gina Gaudet,  Phil Bannister,  Autumn Rose Wood, T. G. Reaper, Cindy Parker, Devlin Giroux, Leah Kalis-Denda, Dennis Neely,   Donrad, John Schwabe -- anthology2.    Lost Angel Walkabout  by  Linda Ballou -- travel log3.    Island Girl -- by Lynda Simmons -- literary fiction4.    Follow the Falcon by Steve Kendall - mystery5.    The Widow's Walk League by Nancy Lynn Jarvis -- mystery6.    Murderous Intellectuals by Jonathan Maxwell -- historical literature7.    The Farm by Walter P. Honsinger -- literary fiction8.    Songs From the Heart: melodies of the Soul by Byron Garrett -- poetry9.    The Movie by Bosley Gravel -- literary fiction10.  Torture at the Back Forty by Mike Dauplaise -- true crime