Conversations With Renée

A Conversation with the Authors of Potter's Field



“Potter’s Field: Voices From a Creative Community.” Within Potter's Field a spirited group of writers share their stories and challenge notions of the ordinary, of the conventional, and of the norm. Here lies murder, tragedy, horror, humor, sadness, and adventure with a spoonful of self-reflection. The Potter's Field theme was brought to light at a Lost Word Writer's meeting long ago. Whatever Potter's field meant to the writer, this was criteria for the "Potter's Field" anthology. The result? A completed anthology from writers of a wide range of writing styles and genres. The Iron Gates, Unmarked Graves, Ghosts, Humor in the Boneyard (one of my favorites), Tortured Souls, Wrongful Deaths, and Eulogies. A Word From the Lost Word Writers Group and author Biographies sum up this intriguing collection of works. It also boasts wonderful photographs from two of the authors.  Learn more at