Season 2 Ep4 3 keys to starting your own business in an unknown environment, with Josiane Blanc



For additional resources and info, click at Why does having flexibility mean more work? How can you build your network in a new environment? How can you stay energized and healthy when working long hours? These are probably the common challenges for people who start a new life in another country or city. If you're going solo, you may try even harder to build relationships, find opportunities and maintain your work-life balance. On today’s episode of The Stephanie Show, I talk about the strategies for starting your own business with a talented yet humble film director, Josiane Blanc. Josiane is a writer & director passionate about social issues and cultural interactions. Josiane's versatility allowed her to occupy a wide range of positions in Canada, Europe, South America and Africa. In 2016, she developed and directed for TFO Amazing Teenagers, a documentary webseries about exceptional teenagers who have distinguished themselves by their actions, inventions or community engage