Season 2 Ep3, How to run a successful business when you don't have the expertise, with Viviane Salin



We all have ideas. If we don't put them into action, ideas are worthless. We all have dreams. If we don't give ourselves a chance to live your dreams, dreams are just illusions. What really separate top performers from ordinary people is the courage and consistency of execution. But where does the mentality of a successful entrepreneur come from? On today's episode of The Stephanie Show, I talk about growth mindset & learning through doing, with a multitalented entrepreneur, Viviane Salin. Viviane Salin is a French entrepreneur based in Singapore since 2006. After working in various industries, including events and music (she is also a violinist), she co-created La Petite Ecole with her husband. The Petite Ecole Group now provides French Bilingual Education for young children in Singapore, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh. She also created an educational game for children, Dragon Whiz, that is available now in the Apple Store and Google Play worldwide. In this episode, you will learn: - Source of inspira