Season 2 Ep1 Be a smart giver, with Angie Pincin



How do you define success? At its root, success is liking who you are, liking what you do and being happy with your life. What does it mean to be a leader? Great leaders not only master their emotions and actions but also help others to be successful. Coaching is actually one of the most effective leadership styles that help people to grow and learn. Whereas mentors give out words of wisdom, coaches roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty. They hold up a mirror so we can see our blind spots and they hold us accountable for working through our sore spots. Just like learning, leadership building and development is an on-going process. Your title makes you a manager, your people make you a leader. Be a smart giver, give your time and apply your gifts to help others be 1% better every day. In today's episode of The Stephanie Show ( also episode 1 of Season 2), I talk about top qualities of leadership and how to develop an effective and balanced leader with a Master Coach : Angie Pincin. Angie is