Wellseekers With Lucia

Why Moving Matters: Override Your Anxiety in 2020 with These Simple & Real Techniques



COVID has so many people feeling stuck inside limiting connection with others, but also, with our own bodies. We know research shows moving matters for mental health, but how can we do that with COVID, winter and so much against us right now? On today's show we are joined by Marshal Szyndlar the owner of CrossFit Override in Thomaston, CT to help walk us through simple and real ways to find your story of well this holiday season when it comes to moving and loving your body. We know times are challenging, and we want to help you rise and comeback to loving yourself, others and life more well.Listen to Lucia and Marshal's conversation now to add more peace, joy and love to your life this holiday season. Find Us on Social @WellSeekers Follow Lucia on Instagram @LuciaNazz WellSeekers is great for mental health, holistic well being, stress, anxiety, self care, relationships, healing, growing, connecting, love, and life.