Wellseekers With Lucia

The Food and Mood Connection During These Challenging Times



So often, many of us turn to food to help us cope through tough and challenging times. On today’s show, we welcome back Rachel Molenda, Intuitive Eating Nutritionist and Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CNP), to help us better understand the connection between our food choices and our mental and emotional health, especially during these unchartered times of uncertainty, rapid change, stress, and anxiety. We’ll share our own experiences as well as real and simple things you can do during these time of crisis.We hope you’re finding this Coping Through Crisis series full of helpful and useful information, care and compassion, and also familiar voices from our experts and friends of the show. We are all in this together and we are here for you. So join us now as we dive into the food and mood connection and help you form a better relationship with yourself, others & life! Find Us on Social @WellSeekersFollow Lucia on Instagram @LuciaNazz WellSeekers is great for mental health, holistic well being, stress, anx