Wellseekers With Lucia

Relationships, Family and Recovery From Addiction: Ways to Care for Yourself and the One You Love



Welcome to WellSeekers as we continue with part two of our six part series focusing on addiction and recovery. In this series, we’ll share amazing conversations, personal stories, and most importantly solutions; all from a holistic perspective. We’ll not only talk about addiction and treatment, but also topics such as relationships, nutrition, exercise and fun in recovery, as well as policy and what you can do to make an impact! On today’s show, we welcome Ipek Aykol, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, as we turn to the topic of family and personal relationships and how they are impacted by addiction and in recovery. We talk about the different ways addiction can affect the family and the family dynamics, primary relationships, and throughout recovery as well. We’ll help you with some misconceptions and stigmas around addiction and substance use disorders, resources for your loved one, and for yourself as you seek ways to support your loved on before, during and after treatment. ​So join us now on Well