Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

EP68: Honoring Our Natural Rhythms



In this episode, I talk about honoring our natural rhythms - specifically, pertaining to the changing of seasons. As we move fully into fall, our days are getting shorter and nights extending longer, however, certain ‘advancements’ in our society have manipulated this process in an attempt to give us more time to be productive and artificially extend our daylight. I talk about the effect this has on our well-being and how we can feel in our body, the consequences of ignoring this shift in energy if we just pay attention.  I describe the shift in energy from summer to fall and then I offer three practical ways you can live more in line with the autumnal rhythms taking beautiful cues from our natural surroundings. Before we conclude with the guided meditation, I share the exciting news that every meditation I’ve offered since the very first episode is now available for download on my website Join me now as we begin to create space...   Important Links From The Show: Download my gift t