Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

EP66: Body Image with Dr. Cathy Subber



In this episode, I welcome Dr. Cathy Subber, chiropractor, mom of 2 and leader and organizer of Moms in her community, to discuss an important aspect of our relationship with our selves - body image. Cathy graciously and confidently shares what she refers to as her lifelong issue with weight and body image. A journey that began as a young athlete her Dr.’s office for a sports physical hearing that she “just weighs too much”, moving into adulthood with the all-too-common quest to look “perfect” in her wedding dress and continuing to this day even though she knows she’s in a much happier place of acceptance of the body she was born with.    Cathy shares very practical tips that she’s used to help her get to a place of less caring what others think to more of what she refers to as a much more “solid” person in herself. Cathy shares very personal stories from her life of the struggle to find balance between weight and health. We also talk a bit about the damage we suffer when comparing ourselves to others and the