Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

EP65: Meditation & The Mind with Corrin Vecchitto



In this episode, I welcome Corrin Vecchitto, Sattva Yoga master teacher, pediatric nurse, and healer leading a global life as she shares her holistic practices while traveling the world. Corrin shares with us some practical tips we can use in our quest for a more joyful life. We talk meditation, breath work and a return to simplicity and connection with nature. We spend a good deal of time talking about the workings of the mind and the idea that it is in the illusions of the mind that we tend to get lost.   Corrin shares simple practices we can use to help us drop the masks we wear and return to our true self. And how simple meditation and breath work gives us the space to see how we are thinking and acting and how that affects our daily lives & daily moments. She talks about how we must rewire our brains and nervous system and that we can’t simply decide to shift our thoughts to make a change.   Corrin was generous enough to share a specific technique to start using today and a plan for changing thought