Creating Space With Christine Kathryn

EP63: Spacious Relationships: Beating the Odds and Cherishing Community with Susan Quiriconi



It’s week three of our series exploring spacious relationships and I’m telling you, this one is just as fabulous as the first two! This week I welcome Susan Quiriconi, a new-to-me sweet friend who generously shares the wisdom she’s gained through personal as well as professional experiences. As I often do when I have such deeply rich people on the show, we covered a lot of ground. Let’s start with how Susie and her husband Roy are beating the odds with their 45 year marriage as it is Susie’s 3rd and Roy's 2nd. Susie says their relationship continues to grow in what they accept is the final chapter of their lives. We talk a lot about how to have a successful blended family and we explore key elements to a healthy marriage no matter what time around it is. She talks about the importance of adventure (and what that means to them), the importance of looking at self and both people taking 100% of the responsibility in the success of the relationship as well as the importance of having an individual self beyond th