Love Sex Desire With Susana Frioni

Milf Life lessons from journalist & public writing coach, Amy Molloy



Today I want to introduce you to a sexy mama who has two children, been married 3 times AND is a kick-ass journalist, editor, and author.  And by kick ass I mean: Her 2nd  memoir, The World is a Nice Place, sold out in 12 weeks in Australia and made headlines globally.  As a content creator, she’s collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world including GoPro, Netflix, and the Sydney Opera House. She was also the editor of my fav magazine, The Collective Hub In 2019, she successfully crowdfunded her first children’s book – created to emotionally empower young children and the adults in their lives. And….to top it off, she’s also a qualified Counsellor helping thousands of people express their past with her Storytelling for Healing Public Writing workshops. Her name is Amy Molloy and in this episode, you’ll learn how she personally navigates life as a woman, lover, and mother. Plus, Amy shares the best of what she’s learned when it comes to sharing your personal stories publicly whilst also protec