Love Sex Desire With Susana Frioni

Milf life lessons from artist & coach, Vari Longmuir.



Today's special guest is sexy mama, artist, illustrator and mindset coach to creative types, Vari Longmuir.  Originally from Glasgow Scotland, Vari now lives by the beach just outside Melbourne with her two sons aged 7 and 9. Her woman-lover-mother journey includes marriage, divorce, dating as a single mum and re-partnering...all of which we cover in this episode today.  Here's what you'll learn: The biggest change Vari noticed since becoming a mum nine years ago The inherited beliefs about motherhood Vari needed to dismantle The challenges Vari embraced as a newly single mother in her thirties (think sexual intensity!) Why Vari was grateful to be entering the dating scene in her thirties (and not her twenties) Why getting nude photos is a powerful way to document your journey How Vari keeps the spark alive in her new partnership, Plus so much more! Enjoy!