Love Sex Desire With Susana Frioni

Milf in the Spotlight: Tani Beister.



Milf in the Spotlight is a segment on the podcast featuring stories from women within the LOVE SEX DESIRE community who are currently juggling woman, lover, and mother.   Today's sexy mama is Tani Beister. She’s been with her husband for 17years - they were high-school sweethearts. Together they have a 12yr old son. And last year, for the first time ever, they opened their marriage.  In this episode Tani and I discuss: Sexuality and womanhood after baby Exploring life in the “pleasure state” Moving towards the things that scare us most Reaching stalemate in your marriage despite doing everything in your power to make things better Radically choosing yourself and taking responsibility for all that happens when you do Having the hard conversations that rock the status quo Sexual attractions with the same-sex And so much more! Enjoy!