Love Sex Desire With Susana Frioni

Milf Life lessons from Pussy Gazing Queen, Lacey Haynes.



Today's special guest, Lacey Haynes, is the sexy mama of a two-year-old who sold out her signature Pussy Gazing workshop five times in 2018 in London and Berlin and inspired millions to rethink their relationship to pregnancy and birth when her free birth story went viral in 2017 making international headlines. Like most women, Lacey's initiation into motherhood transformed her relationship to her pussy, her sexuality, and of course, her power which we talk about in great detail in today's episode. Join our conversation and learn: What Lacey is currently exploring in her own life as she juggles woman, lover, and mother How Lacey’s free birth transformed her relationship to her pussy and sexual self Why harnessing the postpartum stage is the best thing you'll ever do for your creativity and sexual vitality How to navigate changes in your relationship once you've reclaimed your power How to improve your communication skills with your partner How to create a sex-positive environment at home for your kids, and s