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Awakening your feminine consciousness with Dévashi Shakti



Today I interview Devashi Shakti, an international leader in feminine psycho-sexual development and practical Sacred Feminine wisdom. She’s the Founder of Tigress Yoga and has 18yrs experience as a guide and confidante. As a feminine embodiment mentor & coach, Dévashi has assisted thousands of women & men to experience awakening of their internal energy. She’s passionate about providing sanctuary spaces for women to learn about their sensuality and sexuality in safe environments, without the ambiguous dynamics often found in the tantric world. Tigress Yoga is the first in the world to offer a spiritual-sexual yoga practise designed specifically for woman’s body. In this episode we discuss: how Dévashi's near death experience expanded her original vision of Tigress Yoga her latest creation, the Sacred Female Yoga Teacher Training Certification {a world's first!}  how to awaken your feminine consciousness the importance of regenerating your sexual energy  reclaiming a woman's way of manifesting a day i