Love Sex Desire With Susana Frioni

How to make love work with Terry Real.



Today I’m speaking with a special guest who knows how to lead couples on a step-by-step journey to greater intimacy and greater personal fulfilment. His name is Terry Real and he's an internationally recognized Family Therapist, Speaker, best-selling author and Founder of the Relational Life Institute.  In this interview Terry talks about: how contemporary women have raised the bar in relationships and marriage why men need to rise up instead of women backing down the painful price of compromise  the 5 losing strategies to stop immediately the 5 winning strategies to implement immediately how to break out of the dysfunction patterns with your partner when it's time to go to couples therapy and how to choose the right one 2 reasons why your sex life sucks understanding relationship empowerment and full respect living as the keys to creating an intimate and deeply fulfilling relationship Enjoy!