Nerd-out With Rob Lloyd, Jen Speirs & Sandro Falce

#54: We Watched 'The Comey Rule'



This week, we all checked out the new political mini-series The Comey Rule, starring Jeff Daniels and Brendan Gleeson as Jim Comey and Donald Trump. We also chat about Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow, a new British comedy program called The Goes Wrong Show, and Sandro's finally finished Dune! 0:00:00 – The Start of the Show 0:04:20 – What Have You Been Consuming Lately? – 0:04:37 – Dune by Frank Herbert [Sandro's Review] – 0:13:18 – The X-Files [Jen's Review Update] – 0:16:06 – Sleepy Hollow & Casper the Ghost [Jen's Review] – 0:22:55 – The Goes Wrong Show [Rob's Review] 0:31:51 – The Comey Rule 1:22:06 – The End of the Show Follow the Show! Facebook: Instagram: Omny: (Head here for links to iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc) Please send in any questions, review recommendations or feedback to " Follow the Hosts! Rob Lloyd - Facebook: