Nerd-out With Rob Lloyd, Jen Speirs & Sandro Falce

Spin Off #11: The Alien Preacher of Bad Dreams



This week, Rhys and Sandro talk about the opening episodes of some shows they've checked out, a couple games, and a so-bad-it's-good scifi from the 70s. 0:00:00 – The Start of the Show 0:06:54 – Preacher: Season 1 Premiere 0:17:31 – The Politician: Season 2 Premiere 0:20:49 – The Bazaar of Bad Dreams by Stephen King 0:26:24 – HitRecord 0:30:15 – Weird Movies: The Alien Factor [Spoilers Are Present] 0:40:32 – Upcoming Marvel's Avengers Video-Game 0:46:45 – Hitman 2 0:49:40 – The End of the Show Check out Sandro's other podcast - Oldie But A Goodie! Subscribe through the links and RSS feed here: Follow the Show! Facebook: Instagram: Omny: (Head here for links to iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc) Please send in any questions, review recommendations or feedback to "" Follow the Hosts! Sandro Falce - Twitter: