Nerd-out With Rob Lloyd, Jen Speirs & Sandro Falce

#45: The Clone Wars, Brooklyn Nine-Nine & Buffy



The whole team has been binging stuff this week. Jen's been on a Buffy binge, Sandro's finished off the latest season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Rob's checked out the final offering of The Clone Wars. This and more in this week's Nerd-Out! 0:00:00 – The Start of the Show 0:04:09 – What Have You Been Consuming Lately? – 0:04:31 – Buffy the Vampire Slayer – 0:16:51 – Fantasy Island – 0:22:37 – Star Trek: Picard [Spoilers: 30:39 – 31:17] – 0:32:14 – Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian – 0:40:02 – Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 7 – 0:46:10 – The Clone Wars: The Final Season 0:57:18 – The End of the Show Check out Sandro's other podcast - Oldie But A Goodie! Subscribe through the links and RSS feed here: Follow the Show! Facebook: Instagram: Omny: (Head here for links to iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc) Please send in any questions, review recommendations or feedback t