Nerd-out With Rob Lloyd, Jen Speirs & Sandro Falce

#44: Best / Worst Pandemic Movies & TV Shows



We're chatting about the best and worst pandemic movies and TV shows. On top of that, Jen and Rob have been watching some documentaries, and Sandro's got a British anthology series to recommend. 0:00:00 – The Start of the Show 0:02:11 – What Have You Been Consuming Lately? – 0:02:29 – Never Surrender: A Galaxy Quest Documentary – 0:10:01 – Titans S2 & Inside No. 9 S5 – 0:17:37 – Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead & The Last Dance 0:28:34 – Best / Worst Pandemic Movies & TV Shows 0:58:39 – The End of the Show Check out Sandro's other podcast - Oldie But A Goodie! Subscribe through the links and RSS feed here: Follow the Show! Facebook:  Instagram:  Omny: (Head here for links to iTunes, Spotify, Google, etc) Please send in any questions, review recommendations or feedback to "" Follow the Hosts! Rob Lloyd - Facebook: https