The Kathryn Morgan Show

50 ~ Trust Yourself Onstage!



Today Kathryn talks about stage fright and how to start trusting yourself onstage. With Nutcracker performances coming up, you need to learn how to enjoy them - don’t beat yourself up!    Today's Episode is Sponsored by: Body Wrappers   The Kathryn Morgan show is a podcast for anyone who loves dance! Inspired by her blog at Kathryn Morgan Online Kathryn share tips with her listeners on how to apply dance-based principles to their own lives and takes you behind the scenes of the ballet world. Whether you are a professional dancer, student, adult who dances recreationally, or just someone who loves ballet, you can learn to live a lifestyle of elegance, grace, and beauty.  The Premier Dance Network website   Kathryn Morgan Online Kathryn on Facebook Kathryn on Twitter Kathryn on Instagram Kathryn on YouTube Life with Katie on YouTube