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Second Round: Courage Comes From Activity - Nesha Frazier of Work Nest



**The last of my re-releases (new episode drops next week), this is my value-packed conversation with Nesha Frazier of Work Nest. Enjoy** Today I'm speaking with Nesha Frazier of Work Nest in Summerville, South Carolina. Work Nest is a one of a kind, baby-friendly co-working space that aims to help parents get closer to achieving real work/life balance. Nesha herself struggled with feeling torn between a job that she loved and raising her two babies and she wanted to find a way to make it easier for parents, often mothers, to reach their career goals. Nesha and I talk about her process for opening Work Nest and she shares the amazing 100-day accountability plan that she created for herself to ensure that her business would have the greatest chance of coming to fruition. We chat being financially responsible when finding space and why likes on social media shouldn't be the indicator of how successful you'll be. Nesha shares her process for setting her prices and why she doesn't struggle with presenting her c