Keeping Shop: A Brick And Mortar Podcast

Second Round: A Botanical Pharmacopoeia - Kinsey Rosene of Crose Nest



**Kinsey has experienced lots of changes since this episode aired a couple of years ago. Namely, she opened another spaced, closed her original space and now operates out of her gorgeous 2nd space in Dedham, Ma. This is still a super valuable episode because Kinsey just really epitomizes what building community is all about. Enjoy.** Today I'm speaking with Kinsey Rosene owner of Crose Nest in Lowell, Massachusetts. Kinsey describes her shop as a botanical pharmacopoeia; essentially, she's created a DIY herbal pharmacy where people can come and blend their own teas or body products. The point is to give people the tools and the instruction, and then to let them create what's best for their body and their needs. I've got so much admiration for the way that Kinsey has structured her brick and mortar as an interactive space that helps people take an active roll in the remedies that help heal their bodies. Follow Kinsey's work here and here. Enjoy the show! We talk about: -Taking risks even when you've got