Keeping Shop: A Brick And Mortar Podcast

Second Round: Providing The Want And The Need- Emily Kanter of Cambridge Naturals



**Here's the second of the re-releases. It's with one of my personal brick and mortar favorites, Emily Kanter of Cambridge Naturals. This conversation doesn't disappoint. Tune in and remember that a new Keeping Shop episode drops on Tuesday, October 29th** Once I had a terrible sinus headache and I when I say headache, I mean this thing was crushing me. One of my Winks clients suggested that I get my sick self to Cambridge Naturals and while I'd been there many times it was always for fun stuff like make-up, probiotics, oils, teas...never to heal something like a headache. The super knowledgeable women in herbs gave me lots of suggestions including the insanely potent, locally sourced and incredibly powerful ground ginger that ultimately kicked my sinus headache to the curb. That stuff works. So when Cambridge Naturals owner Emily Kanter reached out to me I was flattered and a little star-struck. I think she and her team are kind of a big deal, but as you'll hear in the show she's super down to earth abou