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Show Up Even If Your Voice Shakes - Lauren Campbell of The Witch's Fix



Today I'm speaking with Lauren Campbell owner of The Witch’s Fix in Ontario Canada. The day before we recorded, I'd been working with a coaching client, one-on-one. We were chatting about goals and dreams and she shared with me that she'd always wanted to tap into a lifestyle lived by Meg Ryan's book store owning character in You've Got Mail. And then, while recording with Lauren, it came out that she too had always fantasized about life like the one in YGM. Now while I find many elements of You've Got Mail extremely problematic (sorry don't hate me!), I think what resonates so hard about the YGM lifestyle is that it's a fairly accurate depiction of a woman who's creating her very own life through her business. She's not making millions, she's not traveling the world with all her free time and she's taking scary risks all the damn time. But she's also created a community that values her, a shop that contributes to its neighborhood and presumably enough money to live in a dope (albeit dated) apartment in NYC.