Keeping Shop: A Brick And Mortar Podcast

When It's Time To Walk Away - Annie Rocchio of Sun and Glory



Today's episode is slightly different from the others. One, it's my first repeat guest and two, it's the first interview I've done with someone that's closing their brick and mortar. My episode 38 guest Annie Rocchio reached out to me with the generous offer of talking us through her difficult decision to close her shop, Sun and Glory in NYC. While I am clearly sad to hear that the shop is closing, I'm also so grateful for Annie's willingness to share this part of her story with us. Annie and I talk through a lot of feelings in the episode. And If I'm being honest, these tougher conversations are the ones that bring me the most value lately. This life isn't usually the easy choice despite what outsiders might see. We carry our respective loads well; we are vulnerable about our fears but not so vulnerable that it weirds out our customers. We contribute to our local communities and grin and bear it when our communities don't support us with their dollars. Sometimes the clear path forward includes leaving our s