Keeping Shop: A Brick And Mortar Podcast

The Power Of An Impactful Customer Experience - Brandi Morpurgo of Daisy Chain Book Co.



Today I'm speaking with Brandi Morpurgo, owner of Daisy Chain Book Co. in Alberta, Canada. I heard the story of Brandi's book store on wheels on the podcast Don't Keep Your Day Job and now am delighted to be sharing it with you on Keeping Shop. Brandi shares her startup story; both how difficult it was to be the first of her kind and also how her natural drive and resilience forged a path to a successful opening. We talk about the myth of social media, building community wherever you go and providing a truly impactful customer experience. Brandi also shares her thoughts on writing a business plan that goes beyond just the nitty-gritty and encourages us all to think bigger for our businesses. I love this. By acknowledging that we're even thinking of a 5-year plan we're imprinting big growth and big success on our business from the very beginning. If our big dreams change that's okay (!!!), at least we're allowing ourselves to be confident in the power of our businesses even when they're young. Brandi sha