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W.I.T.C.H Women In Total Control of Herself-Erica Feldmann of HausWitch



Today's episode is with Erica Feldmann, owner of HausWitch in Salem, MA. You'll hear this in the intro, but when I reached out to Erica, I was a little nervous, mostly because her store is just so gooooood and I think I was a little starstruck. Turns out, Erica IRL is so nice, so humble and so talented. She's created a soulful, mindful, magical business and in this episode she gives us a peek into her processes. Erica gives insight into finding the right space, sourcing vendors that align with her mission and her steps to building a vibrant Instagram community. And while she says she doesn't know much about business, it's pretty clear to me that she's got this shit down. We talk about being a Witch (it's not about dancing naked in the woods) and Erica examines how the traditional dark and mysterious archetype of the Witch is now being reclaimed as a powerful feminist figure. Erica takes her position of feminist witch very seriously. She explains why there is real responsibility in that role and how her spa