Keeping Shop: A Brick And Mortar Podcast

Underthings For All! Mackenzie Morris of Etain



In this episode, I’m talking to Mackenzie Morris owner and founder of Etain in Portland, Me. Etain is the area’s go-to shop for bra fittings; offering a wide range of sizes and styles in an inclusive, body positive space. Mackenzie and I both own bra shops so things get a little tangential at points (we can’t help it!) but even with all the underwear talk, this interview provides a real life glimpse into starting and running a brick and mortar. We talk about the risks (and rewards) of opening in an up-and-coming neighborhood (7:54), about hiring like minded staff members (32:47) and why the right print ads can drive major traffic to your store (28:00). We chat about getting over the hurdle of trying to please everyone (47:00) and about how taking a risk with your buying can build invaluable trust among clients (18:00). Mackenzie puts her heart and soul into Etain and she has a very real belief system behind the way she runs her business (14:30). Enjoy the show. Find Etain here: Address: 646 Congress St. P