Tea: Tessa And Elliot Argue

The time has come,' the Walrus said,



Indeed, after 178 episodes every single week (except last week) since we started in February of 2019 Tessa and I are saying goodbye to the podcast. Nothing is wrong, we're just feeling that we are ready to move on to other projects and ideas we have. We thought it best to go out doing what we normally do, talking about weird news stories we've found from the last few weeks. I would like to say thank you, if you have ever listened, this has indeed been a work of love for both of us for over three years, and the fact that anyone has listened, ever, really does feel nice to know. It feels very bitter-sweet to say we're moving on, but I think we are both ready to tackle some new challenges. We may be back though; never say never. We both have other projects we are working on, some in the podcast space, others that are not. You can stay in touch with us through several means. We will also be sure to use this feed to update on any new shows we may come up with. Tessa can be found on her: Twitter Instagram T