How To Play Solitaire: A Beginner’s Guide To Learning Solitaire Games Including Solitaire, Nestor, Pounce, Pyramid, Russian Bank, Golf, And Yukon

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Improve Your Solitaire Play and Discover Fun New Variations!

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Do you want to know more about Solitaire? Would you like to enjoy this popular card game (and mobile app)? Is it time to learn the ins and outs of the game and improve your winning percentage?

If you’re excited about Solitaire, this is the book for you! It explains how to play the game with simple, step-by-step instructions. In no time, you’ll be playing and winning this perpetual favorite card game!

Inside, you’ll discover everything you need to get started with this captivating game:

  • How to Deal a Hand of Solitaire

  • Gameplay Basics and Rules

  • How to Create Foundation Piles

  • What to Do with Stock Piles

  • Discard Pile Dos and Don’ts

and so much more!

The game we call Solitaire is just the beginning. Inside How to Play Solitaire, you’ll discover a wide range of variations:

  • Nestor

  • Pounce

  • Pyramid

  • Russian Bank

  • Golf

  • Yukon

Enjoy a vast array of games, while away the hours, and master solo card play with the solitaire games and strategies in this comprehensive guide!

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