How To Play Hearts: A Beginner’s Guide To Learning Rules And Strategies To Win

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Are you an “all or nothing” type of person? Then, perhaps Hearts is a game that was designed just for you!

In fact, Hearts is a trick-taking game but it’s nothing like other trick-taking games. That’s because it is actually a game of evasion! Thinking that you need to take as many tricks as possible to win is the first mistake of most people attempting to play Hearts.

Want To Start Playing Hearts But Don’t Know Where To Start? Start Here!

Hearts is an excellent game you can be played with 4 players but it can also be modified for 3,5 or even 6 players, in case you have less or more players available but still want to play it with your friends and family.

From A Complete Beginner To A Hearts Master!

Doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or if you already know a thing or two about Hearts. This book will take your skills to the next level, no matter what!

If you are a beginner in the world of Hearts, the book will teach you the basic rules so that you can play the game with your friends and not be crushed by the opposition!

If you are already somewhat familiar with the game, don’t worry…there’s still a lot of room for improvement, something that you are soon about to find out!

This Hearts guide will arm you with tricks and strategies as well as information about similar Hearts variations that will skyrocket your potential in the game.

Why Read This Comprehensive Hearts Guide?

Because upon finishing the book, you will:

• …know everything you need to get started playing the game right away

• …understand the basic and additional rules of the game

• …discover tried and tested Hearts strategies to stand a chance even against powerful and experienced players

• …know the tricks and rules of other Hearts Variations so that you never grow tired of the game

So What Are You Still Waiting For?

Pick Up This Book And Start Reading! It’s The Only Way To Become A Hearts Master!