How To Play Pinochle: A Beginner’s Guide To Learning The Rules & Strategies Of 2 - 4 Person Pinochle

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Enjoy Pinochle Night with Your Friends and Family!

Inside How to Play Pinochle, you’ll find everything you need to master this fun and social game:

  • The Basics of Pinochle Game Play

  • Pinochle Rules for 2- and 3-Player Games

  • Cunning and Tricky Pinochle Strategies

  • The Secrets of Advanced Pinochle Play

  • and much more!

Though Pinochle traditionally involves two or four players, you can discover variations for three, six, and eight people. This trick-taking game developed from Bezique, a 18th-century French favorite. Named “Binocle” in French, the German immigrants who brought this game to the U.S. changed the pronunciation to Pinochle. Though this game was outlawed in WWI, it eventually became an American favorite.

How to Play Pinochle describes how to set up its unique deck of four suits and six ranks (A, K, Q, J, 10, 9). You’ll discover how to partner up, deal the cards, auction, pass cards, meld, and form groups. When you understand the unique scoring system of Pinochle, you’ll know how and when to take tricks, deal with trump cards, and keep track of your final totals.

You’ll even learn special game-winning strategies for bidding, trumps, passing, and more!

Don’t miss your turn at this fun and fascinating family card game. Download your copy of How to Play Pinochle today and let the games begin!