How To Play Bridge: A Beginner's Guide To Learning The Game, Bids, Hands, Cards, And Strategies To Win At Bridge

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Win at Bridge and Impress Your Friends!

When you open How to Play Bridge, you’ll discover a rich and exciting world of strategy. Bridge has long been associated with the modern aristocracy. Harold Vanderbilt (on a long ocean cruise) combined two popular variants of Whist (a 17th-century card game) to create the game we lovingly call Bridge.

This comprehensive (and easy-to-understand) guidebook explains how you can impress your opponents with your knowledge of the game. You can step up to the table with confidence after mastering the many concepts and strategies in this fascinating book:

Bidding Basics and Basic Gameplay

Playing as the Declarer and the Dummy

Scoring: Contract/Overtrick Points

Slam, Doubled, and Redoubled Bonuses

Rubber and Honour Bonuses

Avoiding Penalties and Common Errors

You’ll even learn advanced concepts like reading players’ card organization styles, noticing psychological tells, and playing well with your partner. By mastering the rules of the game and making them second nature, you can pay more attention to the cards played – and the people playing them. By understanding each player’s point of view, you can rule the table and win big at bridge!