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Meditations to help you relax deeply, be more present and flow more easily with life. We offer a variety of guided meditations with and without music, as well as instructions for meditations you can do on your own. We wish you a peaceful mind and open heart.


  • Belly Soothe Meditation for Trying Times

    10/05/2020 Duración: 10min

    Time = 10:11. Use this meditation to relieve stress, especially when it is affecting your stomach or bowels. So many of us feel the effects of stress in our gut. Any of our guided meditations can help reduce stress, but this latest podcast episode goes straight to the belly. It’s designed to direct relaxation and relief to where it’s most needed.

  • Self-Soothing for Coronavirus Pandemic

    27/03/2020 Duración: 09min

    Time = 9:22. In this time of anxiety and stress, our Self-Soothing for Coronavirus Pandemic guided meditation can help you learn to soothe yourself. In this time of social isolation, it can help you learn to be your own best friend. The meditation gently guides you to hold your feelings and yourself with tenderness and compassion.

  • Embrace Effortlessness & Ease -- Part 3

    23/01/2020 Duración: 19min

    Time = 19:46. Use this longest version of Embrace Effortlessness & Ease whenever you can to further develop the habit of effortlessness. There is more silence throughout the meditation allowing you to go deeper and become more self-sufficient.

  • Embrace Effortlessness & Ease Meditation -- Part 2

    18/12/2019 Duración: 09min

    Time = 10:00. This second of a series of 3 meditations, is a longer version which will allow you to go deeper into the experience of effortlessness and ease and develop a habit of effortlessness in meditation.  

  • Embrace Effortlessness & Ease -- Part 1

    16/11/2019 Duración: 05min

    First of a series of 3 meditations. The essence of meditation is effortlessness. This guided meditation is designed to help you experience greater ease in meditation. You will learn to let go of effort when it comes up so that you can flow easily with whatever you experience.

  • Belly Breathing for Anxiety -- Guided Meditation

    29/01/2019 Duración: 12min

    Time = 12:17. Learn to relax when anxious with this simple, soothing meditation. Belly Breathing is an especially relaxing and grounding practice than you can learn and do on your own. Our gift to you from our At Ease — Anxiety & Worry Relief app.

  • Autogenic Relaxation for Sleep

    07/11/2018 Duración: 15min

    Time = 15:52. Let this simple Autogenic Relaxation technique help you relax. This version does not have words to guide you out of meditation, so it is ideal for relaxing into sleep. Our gift to you from our iSleep Easy app.

  • Wee Hours Rescue - Go Back to Sleep

    13/07/2018 Duración: 18min

    Time = 18:04 (4 min of voice guidance with music continuing for 14 more mins) A brief meditation to help you reset and fall back to sleep when you awaken in the middle of the night. Useful when your emotions and thoughts are running wild. Calming and reassuring.

  • Whole Body Relaxation

    01/03/2018 Duración: 24min

    Time =  24:10 Relax completely and release tension from every part of the body. Can be used anytime of day or when you are ready for sleep. Remember relaxation is not something you can "do". It's a letting go of doing. Let this meditation help you to let go.

  • Guided Walking Meditation — Being Fully Present

    20/05/2017 Duración: 17min

    Time = 17:44 This meditation helps you to be fully present to all of the experiences you have while walking -- what you experience within yourself and in the world around you.

  • SOS Meditation for Anxiety

    30/11/2016 Duración: 10min

    Time = 10:38 (with music) Find a calm and centered place when anxiety has been triggered by a stressful situation.

  • Equinox Guided Meditation

    17/09/2016 Duración: 20min

    Time = 20:24 (voice only) Enjoy this beautiful, reflective meditation to find perspective, balance and peace in the midst of change.

  • Meditation for Birthdays and Everyday Renewal

    19/06/2016 Duración: 21min

    Time = 21:42 (voice only) Experience and celebrate life’s gifts and plant the seed of your deepest desire going forward. An opportunity for gratitude and remembering what really matters.

  • Rest in Stillness

    19/02/2016 Duración: 17min

    Time = 17:50 — (voice only): Experience stillness in the midst of busyness. Find the quiet, still center in your own awareness.  

  • Deep Centering Meditation

    09/10/2015 Duración: 19min

    Time = 20 min (no music) This meditation will be especially helpful when you feel scattered and ungrounded. It will help you relax deeply, becoming centered and calm.

  • Relax into Sleep Guided Meditation

    23/10/2014 Duración: 18min

    Time = 18:16 (last 5 mins music only) Enjoy this meditation to fall asleep more quickly and sleep more soundly. (A gift from our iSleep Easy app.)

  • Summer Solstice Guided Meditation

    20/06/2014 Duración: 08min

    Time = 8:54 (no music) A reflective meditation inviting relaxation into the changes of life.

  • Guided Meditation for Renewal

    24/06/2013 Duración: 20min

    Time = 20:19 (no music) Every moment is new and different. Open to the energy of life, allowing it to renew your body, mind and spirit. Use this meditation when you want to feel refreshed.

  • Guided Meditation for Loneliness

    14/03/2013 Duración: 19min

    Time = 19:50 (last 5 mins. music only) Loneliness can be a doorway to deeper connection with yourself and others. Go deep into the feeling of loneliness to find that connection.

  • Healthy Body Guided Meditation

    05/09/2012 Duración: 24min

    Time = 24:52 (last 6 mins. music only) This meditation is designed to help you visualize a healthy body. It focuses on the heart, lungs, circulation and digestion, all of which give the body energy and nourishment for health and healing. Read the Show Comments and Tips for more about this meditation.

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