Xt3 Podcast: Religious Liberty - Does The Catholic Church Have A Role In Public Debate?


As fundamental a right as the right to life itself, today's secular society threatens the freedom of religion. Increasingly pushed out of the public sphere, religion and its institutions are being hampered by a worldview of freedom that compromises basic tenets of Christian belief.

Professor Gerard Bradley and Dr Michael Casey, two expert speakers, highly qualified on this subject, discussed the importance of religious values in public life, and the progress of radical secularism to the detriment of religious liberty at Notre Dame, Sydney.

The Ambrose Centre For Religious Liberty has been established to defend religious freedom as one of the foundations of human rights and a strong, democratic and pluralistic society. It does not believe that every individual, group, cult, sect and organisation is right, or that their beliefs are equally valid or true.


  • Q&A with Dr Michael Casey and Professor Gerard Bradley

  • Dr Michael Casey and Professor Gerard Bradley