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  • Ludwig Rausch's Global Podcast #56 with LUDWIG RAUSCH

    16/06/2015 Duración: 02h30s

    Hey everybody! Today I present you my recording from 3tonbar in Ravensburg from the 30th of May 2015 where I played alongside MACROMISM and ALEX CRISTEA. Was a really great night and I'm looking forward to being back there again soon. 2 hours of groovy Techno for your hearing pleasure! Enjoy! Follow Ludwig Rausch: Soundcloud: Mixcloud: Facebook: RA:

  • Sleepwalkers Global Podcast 55 with STEPHEN MACIAS

    29/04/2015 Duración: 56min

    Welcome to a new episode of the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast. This week we have a guest from France: STEPHEN MACIAS. Stephen's homebase is Marseille where he started making music in 2011. His influences are mainly Reggae, Dub and Electronic music which you can hear in his productions. Releases on labels like Rusted, Deeperfect, Panterre Musique or Kinetika Records show, how much effort and time he has put into his passion and just gives you an idea, where he will be in a few years. He's got an upcoming release on Antura Records which we are really excited about. Enough of the read! Enjoy his massive 1 hour mix prepared exclusively for your hearing pleasure! Listen to Stephen Macias on Soundcloud: Follow Stephen Macias on facebook: Follow Stephen Macias on RA: Listen to Stephen Macias' latest releases: Booking contact : contact

  • Mixed by ALEX CRISTEA: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #53

    04/10/2014 Duración: 59min

    Hello and welcome to the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #53. Today we have one of our residents back behind the decks: ALEX CRISTEA Alex is constantly busy with producing tracks for his DJ sets and has releases on such labels as Comade Music, Waldliebe Familien or Shibiza Recordings. At the moment he is busy with his upcoming release "The Parini Connection" which is going to come out on 20th of October with a massive remix of Minitechproject on Phantom Deck Recordings and a remix for Ludwig Rausch's "Afterdark" EP which is gonna come on Sleepwalkers Records later this year. Alex' Mix for today is a good example of what you can expect at our Charley Horse parties at Harry Klein in Munich which will be on the 27th November. So now sit back and relax one hour of best Newschool Techno prepared for you by ALEX CRISTEA Next Releases: - "The Parini Connection" EP - Phantom Decks Recordings - "Afterdark" EP (Alex Cristea Remix) - Sleepwalkers Records Listen to Alex Cristea: Soundcloud:

  • Mixed by ALEX MINE: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #52

    06/08/2014 Duración: 59min

    Hello and welcome to the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #52. This week we have a massive surprise DJ and Producer in the mix for you: ALEX MINE. Alex has had massive releases in the last two years: SCI+TEC, Intec and Transmit Recordings are just the biggest names in the list to name a few. His producing skills go beyond borders and this way Alex Mine got huge support by DJs like Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Adam Beyer, Carl Cox and Paco Osuna. In 2013 it was that Alex Mine put together forces with his friends Alex Costa and D-Deck to create their own label COMADE Music which has had massive impact on the Techno scene since then. This is also why we had the great chance to have him play at our last Charley Horse party in Munich where he gave us a best impression of a proper dark Techno set. Enough for the talking, enjoy 1 hour of Alex Mine in the mix for your hearing pleasure. Follow Alex Mine: facebook: Twitter: Resident Advisor:

  • Mixed by MARC BERTRAND: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #51

    09/06/2014 Duración: 01h06min

    Welcome everybody to a new episode of the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast. At this episode we keep up to our dark side with a great mix from MARC BERTRAND from Berlin. Marc recently moved to Berlin to concentrate on his musical development and productions. He started playing as a DJ at a young age under the name "The Piercer" which was his Hard Techno alter ego. Growing up and by becoming member of the Matrix Live Club he decided to name himself Marc Bertrand to get back to his French roots. His most inspiring time Marc Bertrand had at the Dubspot music school in NYC where he became a certified Ableton DJ & Producer. Since 2012 Marc is running the successful Theatre Records label with Matteo Gamba which released tracks from artists like Macromism, Chube.Ka and Tony Dee. As said before Marc prepared a nice heavy Techno set for you, so sit back and enjoy! Follow Marc Betrand: Resident Advisor: Facebook: Liste

  • Mixed by LUDWIG RAUSCH: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #50

    11/05/2014 Duración: 01h07min

    Hello and welcome to the 50th episode of the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast. Today we have Ludwig Rausch in the mix. Ludwig is one of the residents of Sleepwalkers and its little brother Charley Horse, that's why he prepared a special mix in the style of Charley Horse today. Speaking of Charley Horse: On 16.5.2014 you can catch our residents Ludwig Rausch, Alex Cristea, Mark Crow and Gozila Lymati play alongside Alex Mine at Harry Klein for the second edition of Charley Horse in Munich. We are much looking forward to this one and hope to see you there, but for now we wish you loads of fun with this mix Next gigs: 16.5.14: Charley Horse /// Harry Klein /// Munich 23.5.14: Vorspiel /// Palais Club /// Munich Follow Ludwig Rausch: facebook: Listen to Ludwig Rausch: Soundcloud: Mixcloud: Beatport:

  • Mixed by JOOLZ: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #49

    15/03/2014 Duración: 01h18min

    Hey everybody and welcome to a new episode of the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast. This week we have our 49th regular episode and for this reason we have a lady on the decks for you: JOOLZ ! Joolz, who actually grew up in the Chiemgau area in the deepest depths of Bavaria, made it through many different genres before she came to Munich, where she made her first contacts with the electronic music scene. At first she was mostly found on the dance floors of the clubs but since 2012 she also made it behind the other side of the DJ booth. With her sets moving between happy sounding House beats and dark Techno Joolz played herself into the hearts of many clubbers in and around Munich. Joolz, who belongs to the artist colllective Capsolé from Munich, is also one of the residents at the renown Harry Klein. As such she had the chance to play alongside DJs like Martin Buttrich, Dapayk + Padberg or Lucy. Speaking of Harry Klein: This month the whole booking there is taken over by women: Only DJanes, VJanes, workshops he

  • Mixed by PATRICK BAER: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #48

    28/01/2014 Duración: 01h04min

    Hello everybody and welcome to the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #48. This week we got a really great Tech House mix by one of Munich's best Techno artists: PATRICK BAER Born in Munich - Germany, Patrick grew up in Vienna - Austria, where he got in touch with electronic music for the first time. He made his first and important experiences by spinning at several events in Vienna and its outskirts. Within very short time, he became more and more known for his charismatic appearances, self-produced sounds and selective Live-Sets. After a certain time something was missing, so Patrick got back to consecrate himself to creativity and self-made music. That´s why he decided to leave these surroundings and returned to Munich where he carefully set up his studio and refined his productions. He has chosen his hometown for spending most of his time with his favorite occupations: Blocking up himself in his new arranged studio for producing his music, and setting up electronic events. From 2003 to 2004, Patrick was cooperat

  • Mixed by MAXIM VON TERENTIEFF: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #47

    15/12/2013 Duración: 01h39min

    Hello and welcome to a new episode of the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast. We know it took us a long time since the last mix, but therefor we have something special in the oven for you today! MAXIM VON TERENTIEFF prepared a special mix for your hearing pleasure. Maxim was born in the Soviet Union and moved to Munich / Germany in the early nineties. In 1999 he started Djing because of his love into the different styles of electronic music. Because of that he soon became resident and program director of the legendary Ultraschall Club. He continued with his residencies all over Munich at Registratur, Harry Klein and since not long ago also at Rote Sonne, the best clubs for Techno and House music in all over Munich. Maxim is part of the incredible "Vorsicht Glas!" - crew, which are responsible for many nights to remember in the capitol of the bavaria. Maxim prepared a really long mix for us this time to show you the many different kinds of music you can enjoy in Munich, simply perfect and genius! We hope you enjoy

  • Mixed by ALEX CRISTEA: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #46

    22/10/2013 Duración: 55min

    Hello everybody and welcome to a new episode of the Sleepwalkers GLobal Podcast. This week we returned from the Amsterdam Dance Event and we have to say it was a blast again. For that reason one of our residents prepared an amazing mix with new music for you! It is ALEX CRISTEA in the mix for one hour. For everyone who is listening to our Podcast Alex should be a known face. He is a resident of Sleepwalkers, Charley Horse and numerous events in and around Munich, for example Bullitt Club, Electric Delicate and of course his own organization TechChaos. Just a few weeks ago Alex won a DJ contest at the Just Music store in Munich where 200 other DJs took part at and won a DJ gig at Munich's world famous club "Rote Sonne". His style is reaching from funky Tech House beats up to banging Techno and this time he gave us this great mix which could be described as psychedelic Tech House and Techno. But not only can Alex mix tracks of different people together, he is also getting up the hard paths of producing his own

  • Mixed by DJ JESUS: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #45

    30/09/2013 Duración: 01h13min

    Hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast. This week we are having one of our residents at the show: DJ JESUS! The young man named Eric Klerks started DJing just in the festival season of 2012 and since then already got himself to play at clubs and venues all around Amsterdam like Barkode, Club NL or CUE Bar. As one of the heads of the Sleepwalkers he finds great pleasure in digging deep into new styles of music and likes to share what he discovered, just one reason, why he started DJing. But not only did he start playing music of other people, he also started producing Techno and House music about 2 years ago, which you can listen to on his soundcloud. Now enjoy 1 hour of DJ JESUS, exclusively mixed for your hearing pleasure. Follow DJ JESUS: facebook: Beatport: Listen to DJ JESUS: Soundcloud: Mixcloud:

  • Mixed by ARTEE: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #44

    10/09/2013 Duración: 56min

    Hello everybody and welcome to the latest episode of the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast. Today we are happy to present something Fresh. Welcome ARTEE on board of our Podcast. Artee aka Toine Ploeger is one of the newest members of the Amsterdam Underground organization "the Fresh Kids" which is also known for artists like Kerk!, Du Chatinier and Francesco Robustelli who played for our Sleepwalkers parties several times. The 20 year old dutch boy is on it since 4 years and has since then developed his own style of music, which could be described as Groovy House with a little influence by Garage House. Let's not talk too much about the guy, let's have a listen to the set he mixed for us. Enjoy Artee in the mix. Want to follow Artee: homepage: facebook: Want to listen to Artee: Soundcloud:

  • Mixed by LUDWIG RAUSCH: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #42

    02/07/2013 Duración: 01h01min

    Hello and welcome to a new episode of the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast. This week we have a well known face on the show. It's Sleepwalkers resident and organizer of this show: Ludwig Rausch. Ludwig is currently living in Munich and collaborating with artists there when it comes to playing gigs but also producing. Currently he's working on a new concept with the guys of the organization TechChaos to make an impact on the Tech House scene in Munich. But that's not the only thing he's doing at the moment. Just recently he went back to his crew in Amsterdam and started producing another bomb track for the label Sleepwalkers Records with his friends Mark Crow and Minitechproject. Be prepared for some serious stuff! There's not much more to say about Ludwig right now since he's been on the show quite often for now. Enjoy his set, 1 hour of nice Acid tunes for you in the mix. Follow Ludwig Rausch: Facebook: RA: Beatport:

  • Mixed by Okabi: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #39

    14/05/2013 Duración: 01h03min

    Hello everybody and welcome to the latest episode of the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast. This week we have another great mix for you and we are happy to have Okabi on the show. Okttavio G.R. (OKABI) was born on the island of Gran Canaria (Spain) in 1983. Fascinated by electronic music since early age, he began to mix vinyls, being influenced by artists ranging from Rhythm Masters or Klubbheads and Anthony Pappa or Lexicon Avenue to Peace Division, Adam Beyer, etc. At the age of 16 he started to work on a local radio showing the pioneering vision that store their sets. It is also in this time on the radio, which lasted until 2005, where he began to experiment with his first samplers, synthesizers and sequencers. In the following years his performances like residencies in several clubs and in some of the most influental halls of the island had a huge influence on the club scene. Later he combined his studies of electronics technician with the instrumental interpretation, which helped himself to start creating m

  • Mixed by Mihai Popoviciu: Sleepwalkers Global Podcast #34

    05/03/2013 Duración: 58min

    Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the Sleepwalkers Global Podcast. This week we are honoured to have another great artist on the show, who influenced the Techno scene since a long time already: Mihai Popoviciu! Mihai Popoviciu, from Sibiu in Romania, is considered one of the most innovative eastern European producers of electronic music today. He was born in Romania in 1981 and was drawn to the fast-growing rave scene of the 90’s. He started producing music in 2001 being influenced by the techno and house virus and it took many years of experiments untill he came up with his first vinyl release on DJ Hell’s imprint Gigolo Records in 2005. Since then he has steadily added chapters to his personal success story with solo projects and those with partners like Markus Homm or Jay Bliss. In June 2007, his EP “First Contact” was released on Pascal Feos’ label Level Non Zero Recordings. Mihai joined the Highgrade family together with Markus Homm in late 2007 and from then on the duo have had several