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  • Self fed

    Self fed


    So it's funny to me it is cold enough this morning that I had to breathe on my phone to get get my iPhone to recognize it. Oh I'm in my car. Crazy. Hey this week is my baby girl Piper's first birthday and I am so pumped(?) about it. I can't wait to celebrate with her and shove her face with some cake. And just watched her smile and learn what it means to have a birthday. One of the things that it means for Jenny and I is that baby Piper is no longer gonna be drinking formula. So we're super super stoked about that that we are no longer gonna have to pay and buy formula every week she can totally go to solid food and that's super exciting for me to not have to show our cash every week. One of the things that I've been wondering for you is are you a person who who is self feeding on solid food yourself. And what I mean by that is

  • Trash Day

    Trash Day


    Who it is that trash bay in the Wagner house? I just got finished getting all the trash up together and taken out and put into the bin to put out by the street and as I was doing it, I was thinking about have you ever had a that you have kids up there. Have you ever had a diaper that you found in maybe in your mini van or in your car? You get in your car ___ man just stinks in here. What is that and ___ you find a diaper under the seat. I've been thinking about how at those collector of the trash that they have there are things in my life that are kinda these in this places and in this dark deep corners of my life that I haven't really touched for a long time where there's some trash that needs to be taken out and man I just wanna encourage you today if you if you have in if you have in just got down before God and spend some time with him and let him get into this deep dark places in clean house, maybe today is the day to do it you know on your way home from work or maybe after you put the kids to bed and yo