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  • Too Comfortable

    Too Comfortable

    18/05/2020 Duración: 02h56min

    #WWTB? @Whtwetalkinbout still here rockin even though the fungus is among us. We talked about the @Future album. We talked about dating on a budget. We talked about women turning men with felonies, liars and no drive into kings. Why do men stop caring about the kid when they can’t have sex with the childs mother. Only fans update. Giving @Iamjamiefoxx flowers. @Nelly vs @Ludacris. Also @Ceoreese and @trav_dave wanted to make sure (and we all agreed) that @Columbusbaddie100 got flowers. Salute to that page. Columbus, Ohio has the most beautiful ladies. Whoever made this page. Holla at your boys. As Always, The culture from a Midwest point of view.

  • Status


    11/05/2020 Duración: 02h11min

    #Wwtb? The essential Podcast boys back in town. The 96 Chicago Bulls of Ohio Podcasts. We talked about Mothers day. Happy MILF DAY. We talked about @6ix9ine @meekmill We talked about Only Fans(again and again). We talked about @iamAndreharell and Little Richard. We got into our Food bag crazy. We talked MJ of course. We talked AHMAUD ARBREY and Black male lives. We talked @missJillscott and @erykahbadu Love you Queens. We talked do women love broke men or regular guys. Check it out on all platforms. As Always, the culture from a Midwest POV.

  • Losses


    04/05/2020 Duración: 03h34min

    #Wwtb! @whtwetalkinbout is back! The essential Podcast. Long episode but when this thing catch fire. We like the bulls in 96. Great bicker with @dez_arnez & @trav_dave about @Champagnepapi mixtape. @ceoreese lead this week show and things got real. @thekidblaze the Tex Winter of the show Control the boards. Ladies we got at y’all. Local ONLY fans talk got heavy. We support local. Insecure talk. Again, ain’t not yes men on this show. The temperature got hot. As Always, the Culture from a Midwest POV.

  • Rockstar


    27/04/2020 Duración: 02h49min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout. The best show, The most consistent, the most real stories, we set the most podcast trends in the city, The most Charisma, and our interviews are hotter! Holla. This week we talked about NFL and ESPN always posting Negative stories when a person of Color gets drafted. Only fans account and being an Only fans Manager. Who ruins more business relationships, Men or women? Women who snore got good BOX. Essential buns. Your lady telling the world what kinda sex shes like. IF she can’t get the rentals and spots in her name she is no Good. So much more. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest point of view!

  • Together at home

    Together at home

    20/04/2020 Duración: 02h10min

    #WWTB? WOW! One year ago 4/20/19 We gave the city a show. Live Podcast never has done like this in the city. Well, At least for the black and brown communities. A great day indeed. Due to THE RONA. We had to postpone our show this year but the boys will be back. @whtwetalkinbout @dez_arnez @ceoreese @thekidblaze @trav_dave. This week's show was one of the best shows ever. We talked @TeddyRiley1 and @Babyface. We talked The Last Dance with the Bulls. We had a bunch of real talk for the ladies. Dating a bad B*tch? Women dirty mackin more than men? Toxic with yourself? Hotep Reese, Shopping cart Dez, Blessing looms and much. The rant at the end of the show was EPIC and sponsored by Crown Apple. Shots fired????



    13/04/2020 Duración: 02h08min

    #wwtb? @whtwetalkinbout? Still talking about that COVID-19 for sure. We missed last week but the boys are back. Cabin fever got everybody going live and we talked about it. We talked about the battles. Damn it, man, we talked about everything damn near. Zoom meetings are the wave. Inshallah, always a great time when the boys get together. Ladies, we had some real talk for yall early too. Perfect time to tell a friend about us. Thank you to everyone that rocks with us. As Always, The culture from a Midwest POV.

  • Tootsie Slide

    Tootsie Slide

    01/04/2020 Duración: 02h10min

    #WWTB? @Whtwetalkinbout...Damn sure talkin about Hovid... I mean COVID-19. Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom (@therealswizzz) voice. Zoom meeting taking over like tic tocs. The boys got together for another one of those episodes. The real talk is back, bicker boyz in the building and music talk. Fun times in these quarantine days. We did this one for the supporters who will rock with us no matter what. We love you guys and will continue to do our part to provide the laughs to get through this together. @dez_arnez @ceoreese @trav_dave @thekidblaze We thank you guys for listening. As always, The culture from a Midwest POV.

  • Inshallah


    23/03/2020 Duración: 02h06min

    #WWTB? @Whtwetalkinbout. This show is sponsored by @Akon “Locked up won’t let me down. Our main man @govmikedewine aka Mikey D put us on lockdown. The whole state on lock but that won’t stop us from going crazy on the pod. @ceoreese led the show today and the bicker boys did NOT show up. All laughs all the time. We went live. VERY BIG THANK YOU TO THE FOLKS THAT WATCHED. 2 hours of nonstop laughs. One of the best shows we had in months. So please tune and tell a friend to tell a friend. This show is for the city and we love yall. Inshallah. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest Point of view.

  • The Blinding

    The Blinding

    16/03/2020 Duración: 02h18min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout warning y’all to stay safe and wash your paws out there. This week's show is sponsored by The Coronavirus and with a co-host of NOI. Guest starring on damn near every track. @dez_arnez led the show and we talked about the virus and its impact on the world and more specifically Columbus, Ohio. Of course, we talked @Jayeletronica debut album with JAY Z. I’m sure you guys can figure out how that went. We also talked about how hard it is to be a black woman in the world from our point of view. Very interesting viewpoints were made. Be safe, don’t get too close to dirty people and wash your ass also. As Always, The culture from a midwest point of view. Also, Live show is still on. Link in bio.

  • Captain Hook

    Captain Hook

    09/03/2020 Duración: 03h32min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout. This show is sponsor by the Bicker Brothers! Due remember. April 10th,2020 at Avalon. LIVE PODCAST FULL PRODUCTION. It’s going to be a good time that’s a promise. The link is in Bio for tickets. Support your boys, The city should get behind this. We in our lane doing something fun/funny and dope. @Ceoreese lead the show and we were PODDIN. From the Coronavirus to Magic Johnson being Aids free. From Sports to Meg the stallion weak rollout. We talked about a little bit of everything. Tap in with ya boys. Remember Tickets are in the bio. As Always, the culture from a midwest POV.

  • When to say When

    When to say When

    02/03/2020 Duración: 02h46min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout.. This show was sponsored by @Trav_dave Nasty on Polo shirt, MJ Jeans and the nasty steve maddens. (Shout to J Club and Edwayne) Today show we recapped the Podcast and Chill. We also made an announcement. April 10th, 2020. Full production Live Show at Avalon from 8p-11p. It’s going to be an event. Pre-sale tickets go out this week. Y’all know how we do by now. Come support your boys. Well worth it. We talked about how if we shoot a shot in your DMs and you curve it, Don’t hate to your friend when we shoot in her DM. Maybe she wants the blessing. We also talked about when chics Delete Pics off IG. That’s kill season, Go in Big Fella. Also, for me and women, Stop saying “he/she tried to talk to me”. That’s dry hating and snitching. If you don’t want a person cool, but let them holla at your teammate. Live Show info coming this week. Patreon page coming this week also. Ride on to the real and death to the fakers. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest POV.

  • After Hours

    After Hours

    24/02/2020 Duración: 02h24min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout. This week's episode is sponsored by Homie Court. Gang Gang sat down and discussed what happened in the chat this week. @Trav_Dave feels like @Ceoreese and @DezArnez is out to sabotage his work so they had to go to homie court and clear the air. Literally on air. We also talked about how wack BHM has been, @50cent getting his flowers, Cannabis lube, @YoungMA getting a line of straps,@Theofficialai3 hugs, @realpopsmoke death and much more. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest point of view.

  • Renegade


    17/02/2020 Duración: 02h59min

    #WWTB? I’m out for Presidents to represent me. No Donald. This show is sponsored by M I X all-star team. Shout to @ceoreese on his 16th year being an All-Star. Didn’t play due to a sore knee but what an honor. Shout to @Dez_Arnez who won the Skills Challenge, 3 Point shoot out and the dunk contest. Helluva year for the Honorable. Shout out to General Manager @Thekidblaze that got his team in 1st place all season. Best GM in the Game. Shout out to @trav_dave Nominated for the Mixxie HOF. Well Deserved. This show we talked about @Amberrose and @losangelesconfidential Tats. Why dating is so hard. Dealing and handling dating with children. Valentine’s day and a ton of other stuff. Shout out to the lovely ladies of @winenightpodcast614 and the homies of @inthecitypodcast. As Always. The culture from a Midwest Point of View.

  • Yikes


    11/02/2020 Duración: 02h48min

    #WWTB? This episode is brought to you by The Toxic Mansion. If you know you know. @Dez_Arnez lead the show this week and it was off the chain. A lot of real talk on this ep. Do you wonder where your old ranks you? What are the signs that are a deal-breaker for you? How many people should be involved in your relationship? Mental and Verbal abuse. Snoop and Orka and Kale. Cashing out a chic to get her attention and much more. Also, Feb. 27th clear your evening schedule folks. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest Point of view.

  • Desires


    04/02/2020 Duración: 02h49min

    #WWTB @whtwetalkinbout a day late but never a dollar short. Blame The Super Bowl. Your boys got busy today and I’m sorry fellas but we were talking to the ladies. We really gave that real relationship talk about love and titles and real talk y’all ladies want from us. The bag was filled with all the energy the ladies ask for. So put your headphones in and zone out with us. Also, shout out to @Sarobali Salute to you my brother.

  • Mamba Mentality

    Mamba Mentality

    27/01/2020 Duración: 02h35min

    Prayers to everyone lost in the Helicopter on Jan. 26th 2020. Selfishly i write this and my fellas know how i feel. Kobe was one of my heroes and biggest inspirations. Since 95 when i 1st started to hear the name til forever he will always mean so much to me. This was a hard show for me. Thank you to my guys for making me do the show and helping me deal. Might be silly to some, but i cherished the fandom i have for BEAN. RIH GIGI. RIH to everyone again. Prayers for Vanessa and the rest of the girls. -Trav Dave-

  • Power 107.5 interview with DJ Mr. King

    Power 107.5 interview with DJ Mr. King

    24/01/2020 Duración: 37min

    #wwtb? @whtwetalkinbout sat down with @PowerColumbus own @DJMrKing to talk about there history and there come up in the podcast game. @ceoreese, @trav_dave @dez_arnez @thekidblaze gives an in-depth look into how the crew came together(Pause) and what keeps the podcast moving every week. Check it out here.

  • What a Man Gotta Do

    What a Man Gotta Do

    20/01/2020 Duración: 02h20min

    #WWTB? Happy Martin Luther King Day. Or, as black folks like to do, Happy MLK memes with girls and bottles all over him. He didn’t die for you nig nogs to treat him like that. Anywho, on today’s show we talked about @AB84 crazy-ass, we talked about Aaron Hernandez and if Netflix is pushing a certain agenda. We talked about @dababydababy and his actions. We talked about @eminem new album. Praised @ekt_40 for signing with @meekmill We had some real talk about @whtwetalkinbout bashing women? It’s not your pwussy it’s on your turn. Soft hate or advice? And much more. As Always, the culture from a Midwest POV.

  • Life is Good

    Life is Good

    13/01/2020 Duración: 02h31min

    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout back with another episode for ya head top u duns knw (best drake voice). This week we had our dawg @1TysoFly back on the show. (Thank you for the food). We talked about leaving heartbreak hotel, he Massages nigga doing too much but ladies love it. Shout out to @thebodygripper. Does Sex change everything? Who is the most toxic out of us 4? How Chics will try to fuck their way into a relationship, Do men have mommy issues? And need love from multiple women. A lot of black men don't know how to be faithful in a relationship. @future @loriharvey @champagnepapi And much more. As Always, The culture from a Midwest point of view.

  • The Box

    The Box

    06/01/2020 Duración: 02h58min

    #WWTB.Happy New Year. 1st show of the year. Your boys are back and ready to go. We had so much to talk about. From War memes to Kevin Hart to toxic 2020 and so much more. Shouts out to @whtwetalkinbout own @trav_dave @thekidblaze @dez_arnez @ceoreese. Thank you all for rocking with us last year. The ride doesn’t stop. We ready. As Always, The Culture from a Midwest Point of View.

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