Nicolas Qui?



Nicolas Qui? born in 1973 in New Caledonia, is a French DJ from Paris who is now living in Ibiza since 2012.It all started in 1993 when he went to his first rave party in Paris. The music had such an effect on him that it immediately became a passion, soon to evolve into THE driving force in his life. At that moment, he was completing his degree in Finances in Paris and in London but he regularly attended parties and he started to mix.During his years in Paris he attended a 2-years Dj & Music Production course at DJ Network & Eanov School to refine and improve his Dj skills, and to explore production possibilities. After many hours of applying the newly learned technics, he then started to play in local parties.However, his ultimate dream has always been to play in Ibiza. Not only it is the best venue in the world for DJs to play electronic music but it is also a place where he has been coming to, for over 30 years.It was in 2011 that he took a dramatic decision that would change completely the course of his life. He was working as a financial advisor, but he wasnt happy with his life, music being the only thing that he wanted to do. As a consequence he decided to resign from his work, then moved to Ibiza with his family, to live his dream in pursuing his music career full time.The main influence of his music is the Minimal and the Techno from the 90s, and the so special Deep House, House and Tech House sounds of Ibiza.Listening and working with electronic music for 20 years, has given him a sharp ear that allows him to have an excellent tracks selection and a precise technique when mixing.