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  • I tent to do things I fear most | Milan Polacek | M-Sport , Skoda Motorsport , FSAE

    07/11/2017 Duración: 55min

    Where would you start today if the goal is WRC, Formula 1 or Indy cars? Formula Student. Exactly. In short, this is the same story of our friend Milan Polacek. Milan has started his motorsport career in Formula Student. He was studying in Denmark when he entered this world. Milan is one of the core team members of TU Brno Racing when the team was established. The motorsport journey continued after university. He joined Skoda-auto where he got a chance to join Skoda Motorsport department.

  • #2 Formula Student is more than an Engineering Degree | Cameron Bryant | Finish to Win

    21/07/2017 Duración: 01h14min

    Life is a story. In our second episode of Finish To Win podcast you will meet Cameron Bryant with an amazing one! Cameron spent 7 years in Formula Student team. You were excited that Trevor Takaro in the first episode dedicated 8 years to Global Formula Racing Team. Well, he isn’t the unicorn! Cameron’s story is truly unique. I was involved with the University of Kansas formula team from 2006-2013. Team co-captain 2011-2012 year. Started on the team as a sophomore in high school doing bodywork and paint (My dad owns a collision shop in Kansas. I grew up doing it so that was my angle to get on the team). Then moved into doing both paint and manufacturing (Worked in machine shop Jr. year of high school all the way through collage). CAMERON BRYANT Find all the description with links here: