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Reviews and more of Big Finish Doctor Who audios


  • Episode 16 – The Great Briggs Detective


    It’s time for the holidays to start, and it’s time for a new Little Finish podcast! This month we’re discussing: The Silver Turk by Marc Platt The Many Deaths of Jo Grant by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott The Elite by John Dorney The Sherlock Holmes release, The Final Problem and The Empty House, both […]

  • Episode 15 – Halloweeny Spirit Type Listening


    Just in time for Halloween, the new Little Finish is out! We review some creepy audios this month, including: The Memory Cheats by Simon Guerrier The Doomsday Quatrain by Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie House of Blue Fire by Mark Morris We also give some suggestions for spooky Big Finish audios to listen to for […]

  • Episode 14 – Space Redcoats


    A month with only three reviews but unlike last time, two of these involve Colin Baker! Hurray! The three we review are: Short Trips Volume 4 by Richard Dinnick, Foster Marks, Vin Marsden Hendrick,John Grindrod, Jason Arnopp, Cindy Garland, Charles Williams, and Avril Naude Recorded Time And Other Stories by Catherine Harvey, Richard Dinnick, Matt […]

  • Episode 13 – Looooomday


    Guess what? It’s our anniversary! A whole year of podcasting, can you believe it? And we’ve got a Seventh Doctor-ful lineup this time, including: Tales from the Vault by Jonathan Morris Earth Aid by Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel Robophobia by Nicholas Briggs Twilight’s End by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright Unintelligent Design by Geoffrey […]

  • Episode 12 – Interview with John Dorney


    Bring out the cake, we’re a year old this month! To celebrate we have a special podcast just for you, dear listener. An interview with none other than John Dorney himself! He was kind enough to join us and talk about his work with Big Finish, both as a writer and an actor. He even […]

  • Episode 11 – Lightfootitude


    After a month-long break, Little Finish is back! Though down one Liz this episode, Denise and Mar are joined by their friend Rose to review the Big Finish releases from both May and June. These include: Kiss of Death by Stephen Cole Rat Trap by Tony Lee Crime of the Century and Animal by Andrew […]

  • Episode 10 – Speed of a Gazelle


    Episode number ten? We’re into the double digits now! I feel as though we’ve just become a real podcast. Anyway, in episode 10 (10!) we talk about: Thin Ice by Marc Platt The Sentinels of the New Dawn by Paul Finch Pulling Faces by Helen Goldwyn and Louise Jameson Heroes of Sontar by Alan Barnes […]

  • Episode 09 – Blowing Up Gallifrey


    Lots of reviews this month! Industrial Evolution by Eddie Robson The Forbidden Time by David Lock Gallifrey Series 4 Not a Well Woman by Katy Manning To the Death by Nicholas Briggs As always, we also discuss new Big Finish announcements, such as the Tom Baker series that will be coming out in January. Denise […]

  • Episode 08 – Weird Chronology


    We return to our regular reviews this episode with February’s releases, which include: The Feast of Axos by Mike Maddox Lucie Miller by Nicholas Briggs The Perpetual Bond by Simon Guerrier Short Trips Volume 2, with stories by Niall Boyve, Steve Case, Lawrence Conquest, Darren Goldsmith, Iain Keiller, John Bromley, James Moran, and Simon Guerrier […]

  • Episode 07 – To Old Soldiers: Nicholas Courtney Special


    In honor of the wonderful Nicholas Courtney, we take a look at his work with Big Finish, including: The Spectre of Lanyon Moor by Nicholas Pegg Minuet in Hell by Alan W. Lear and Gary Russell Zagreus by Gary Russell and Alan Barnes Sympathy for the Devil by Jonathan Clements Masters of War by Eddie Robson […]