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  • The Eco Revolution 10-2-15


    Sharyn Sambrick joins Catherine to discuss the Fall Wellness Warriors course, Personal Mandalas, Seasonal Tune-up, Self Empowerment, and Weight Management. Sharon shares her yoga story. Featuring a clip from “Little Grandmother Tells About Big Changes On Mother Earth” Video Audio

  • The Eco Revolution 9-25-15


    Catherine Be welcomes Mark Oliver from Yogiiza.Com (where people can purchase thier values) to discuss how we can shift the ecological impact of the modern fashion industry by making conscious consumer choices. Watch The Eco Revolution 9.25.15 from SoFlo Television on Vimeo. Listen

  • The Eco Revolution 9-11-2015


    It’s a change in season on Eco Revolution. Catherine Be talks about the importance of detoxify and purifying our world with the bee diet an upcoming 8 week course. We also welcome special guest Jorge Rodriguez to talk about the rise in Autism in the USA. Watch here listen here

  • The Eco Revolution 8-22-15


    Catherine Be welcomes Bianca Pratorius (artist, gardener and green comrade of the earth) and Howard Tonkin (Owner of Urban Habitat) to get back to the root of things SOIL. We gather talk about how you should garden according to your region to not only support you but the surrounding living habitate. Watch here: Listen here:

  • The Eco Revolution 8-12-15


    Catherine Be has the honor of sharing space with Emily Peters media and volunteer coordinator of colony 1. We dive into how colony 1 is expanding green awareness to all walks of life and making green consciousness fun with their awesome turnip the beet festival. Get involved with Colony 1 Colony 1 FB Art of … More The Eco Revolution 8-12-15

  • The Eco Revolution 8-7-15


    Catherine Be sits down with Bruce Stanley Activist, and co- chair of the Miami Dade Green Party. Catherine shares how we need to apply social permaculture in our consumption of water to keep our fresh water sacred. Bruce fills us in on Kangen water and why its the right choice for you. Interested in trying … More The Eco Revolution 8-7-15

  • The Eco Revolution 7-31-15


    Catherine Be sits down with special guest Jim Harper (350) to let us know how we can take action to save our coral reef! GET INVOLVED! 350 Watch here: Listen here:

  • The Eco Revolution 7-17-15


    Eco revolution is all about water! Why you should let plastic go and how to spice up your H2O. Also our amazing friend Valerie Silidker calls in and gives us a download on spiritual eco harmony within ourselves and the world. Watch here: Listen here:

  • The Eco revolution 7-10-15


    Catherine Be kicks off the premier of The Eco Revolution with amazing guest Valerie Silidker, Deep Ecologist, Co-Founder of, ZenCruise.Com and Founder of Discussions include ecology, permaculture and green living. Watch here: listen here: