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Pursuing a life of freedom through a location independent digital agency. Danny Carlson lives in Bali and runs a digital agency that's served more than 870 businesses in 17 countries. He interviews other successful agency owners who've mastered not only business, but a lifestyle of time and location freedom while crafting top level physical and mental fitness.


  • DCP EP 11 - Troy Christopher Plota - 50yr Old Digital Nomad Makes $200k in 2 Weeks | Plotaverse App CEO

    DCP EP 11 - Troy Christopher Plota - 50yr Old Digital Nomad Makes $200k in 2 Weeks | Plotaverse App CEO

    14/03/2020 Duración: 49min

    Troy Christopher Plota has 2.5 million followers on his own app, which made $200k in sales it's first two weeks. Breaking the mold of what's expected of a 50 year old, he moved to Bali to run his company remotely as a digital nomad. But he also breaks the mold of a traditional tech startup founder, as he has no tech background whatsoever. He was a photographer for 25 years before starting the Plotaverse App. Seeing the photography industry rates start to decline, he started looking for other ways to capitalize on his 25 years of photo experience. He's now negotiating collaborations with GoPro and Facebook, but how did he grow so elegantly in such a unique way? It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, and a lot of it came down to luck (such as launching an iPhone version against his team's better judgement), but there are moments of greatness to be learned from his journey. This is the story of Troy Christopher Plota.

  • Ep 10 - My Conscious Break Up amp Processing Pain

    Ep 10 - My Conscious Break Up & Processing Pain

    06/03/2020 Duración: 14min

    Breakups are hard, but why do some people wallow in misery for years while others seem to easily move on? I've been on both sides of the fence but my most recent relationship ending came with so much wisdom gained on how to transition things smoothly. Check out the episode about my Relationship Closing Ritual: https://www.dannycarlson.co/ep-6-my-relationship-closing-ritual/ Just a few months after our breakup and closing ritual, we are at a place where we can meet for lunch and not have weird energy towards each other. We still do acroyoga together whenever we see each other, and even partnered for a weekend intensive workshop... and it felt good, just like a close friend rather than awkwardly avoiding each other & projecting negativity. I've learned a lot about how it's totally possible to honor and respect a failed relationship and how your relationship to that person can take on a different form. There is a process and specific sequence of steps I used that for me helped me mentally make this tra

  • Ep 9 - Will Mitchell - Productivity amp Mindset for Entrepreneurs

    Ep 9 - Will Mitchell - Productivity & Mindset for Entrepreneurs

    25/02/2020 Duración: 01h07min

    Will Mitchell has been building online businesses since he was 12, and he now 29. He got his start tinkering in affiliate marketing & ecommerce before building multiple successful ecommerce brands. Based on his success here, he created Startupbros which has taught thousands of entrepreneurs how to build a profitable business selling on Amazon, & is one of the OG courses in the FBA arena. Will Mitchell is obsessed with productivity, and through many years & many thousands of dollars spent on masterminds, events, and mentors, has developed quite the set of productivy principles and mindsets he shares with us here. On this episode of the Danny Carlson Podcast: Will Mitchell's best productivity hacks What if Your Customers Were On Your Board of Directors Stop Learning & Start Doing Develop Entrepreneurial Gut Instinct Can You Go Bankrupt & Start Again?

  • Ep 8 - How to Automate Your Online Business with Erik Hayton

    Ep 8 - How to Automate Your Online Business with Erik Hayton

    24/12/2019 Duración: 46min

    1:04 - How to figure out what you should automate in your business 5:09 - How long did it take Erik to be confident in his coding abilities? 8:25 - What not to automate 12:11 - Simple and effective things to target for automation 15:26 - Farming out leads 19:26 - An impactful automation process 23:41 - Erik’s networking philosophy 30:17 - New business relationships Erik is seeking 34:33 - What caused Erik’s burnout period and what was it like for him? 38:52 - Transformations as a direct result of his burnout period 42:14 - The impact of staying mindful 45:25 - Where to find Erik online Links/resources Erik’s business’ website - https://weautomatestuff.com/ Erik’s website - https://www.erikhayton.com/ Erik’s Instagram page - https://www.instagram.com/erikhayton/

  • DCP Ep 7 - John Early - Building a Passion Business Through Community

    DCP Ep 7 - John Early - Building a Passion Business Through Community

    12/11/2019 Duración: 37min

    Eclectic businessman, author, singer-songwriter, yogi and serial traveler John Early joins Danny today to speak about his extensive entrepreneurial journey and the mindset it took for him to achieve what he’s achieved. According to John, community is the most valuable, coveted currency out there. Tune in to hear how John became among the uber rich in that currency! 1:25 - John’s travel background  4:24 - The guidance of intuition 6:11 - How John approached setting up Momentom Collective 12:12 - How John identified his target niche for Momentom Collective 15:58 - The key components of building a strong community 23:43 - John’s book and his experience surrounding writing and publishing it 30:01 - The philosophical aspect and process of writing the book 33:44 - Where to find John online 34:45 - Advice for someone who wants to go for their dreams but is held back by fear and uncertainty  Links/Resources Momentom Collective website - https://www.momentomcollective.com/ John’s blog and his b

  • DCP Ep 6 - My Relationship Closing Ritual

    DCP Ep 6 - My Relationship Closing Ritual

    05/11/2019 Duración: 16min

    As many of you are already acutely aware, relationships don’t always end well. In fact, many of them end with resentment, malice and rancor. Danny takes the mic to himself today to share a rare and special occasion when a recent relationship actually had a happy ending, and how dealing with this in a unique way has helped him to not only to deal with the breakup, but also to operate his business as well as day to day living. 1:15 - The closing 4:13 - The ritual 7:33 - Dispelling egoistic defense mechanisms 8:57 - The Work 11:18 - Personal examples of ego toxicity and the process of working through them 14:19 - Closing thoughts Links/resources The Work - https://thework.com/

  • DCP Ep 5 - Steve Sims - How to Routinely Achieve the Impossible

    DCP Ep 5 - Steve Sims - How to Routinely Achieve the Impossible

    01/10/2019 Duración: 45min

    Not long after reading his book, by sheer happenstance Danny was introduced to our guest today, serial problem solver Steve Sims, by a mutual acquaintance in Bali. No matter who you are, you’ve likely come across problems which seemed insurmountable, leading you to give up trying. Steve’s aim is to change the way people look at problems and show people that many times when you take a different approach, you might find that some of these problems may not be as insurmountable as you initially thought. 2:37 - The process of breaking down and solving complex problems  8:46 - How Steve puts together such a diverse team of problem solvers 12:31 - Does Steve incorporate any type of spiritual practices or thought patterns when solving problems? 18:26 - The role of adrenaline in complex problem solving 22:02 - An example of a project where Steve managed to tape into a flow state 29:14 - Is getting yourself into a flow state a conscious effort? 39:54 - What is the primary motivator that makes Steve do what

  • DCP Ep 4 - Rony Hay - Virtual Summits

    DCP Ep 4 - Rony Hay - Virtual Summits

    23/09/2019 Duración: 34min

    Interview with Rony Hay Mastermind behind many virtual summits, an emerging trend in the world of digital nomads and remote workers, Rony Hay shares the experience of being a trailblazer in this burgeoning new style of event. If you’re looking to start a virtual summit of your own or if you’re simply interested in attending these events, this is not an episode to miss! 1:19 - Defining an online summit. 3:02 - What is the desired result from hosting a virtual summit? 4:27 - Do you need a strong email list in order to gather a strong summit? 8:38 - Networking in online summits. 10:08 - How much time and capital is reasonable for a first time summit host to invest? 13:05 - The process of putting together a virtual summit. 16:11 -  System used to keep track of summit preparing efforts. 17:38 - Other ways Rony promotes virtual summits. 19:41 - Tips regarding affiliates. 24:47 - The biggest mistakes made when launching a virtual summit. 28:40 - Best ways to structure a virtual summit and what is the ideal spea

  • DCP Ep3 - Sarah Turner - From Debt to Booming Copywriting Agency amp Coaching Badass

    DCP Ep3 - Sarah Turner - From Debt to Booming Copywriting Agency & Coaching Badass

    17/09/2019 Duración: 34min

    If you are a talented writer looking to try out the growing trend of location independence, Sarah Turner is certainly the expert you need to get you started doing what you love from where you love. Owner of a six-figure copywriting agency and mentor for freelance copywriters, Sarah teaches us all about the art of building freedom for the individual seeking to live the nomadic lifestyle, or just leave the corporate world and be your own boss.  2:22 - What drove Sarah to seek location independence in the first place?   4:55 - What is the most alluring aspect of location independence according to Sarah?   8:04 - Sarah’s journey in becoming a copyrighting badass   12:20 - Mentally preparing to delegate tasks to hired help    15:47 - How Sarah lands her clients   24:05 - Building a relationship with your target audience   27:43 - Advice for people looking to start an agency and become location independent   33:01 - Where to find Sarah online Links   Sarah’s copywriting agency - http://sarahturneragency.com/  

  • DCP Ep 2 - Amon Hanshaw - 21 Year Old 7 Figure Agency Owner

    DCP Ep 2 - Amon Hanshaw - 21 Year Old 7 Figure Agency Owner

    10/09/2019 Duración: 39min

    We are very fortunate to have 21 year old entrepreneur and founder of 7-figure Facebook Ad agency ProAdLabs Amon Hanshaw on the show today. Amon shares his inspiring story about how he achieved such high-level success at 21 years as well as all the setbacks and triumphs along the way. This episode is a must for those who need that extra push to get their business of the ground and into the stratosphere! 1:59 - Has Amon had pushback from friends and family asserting that he’s working too hard for his age?   6:37 - Amon’s prime motivator to build his business   10:34 - How Amon went from freelancer to entrepreneur   13:40 - Is building an agency for everyone?   23:04 - How Amon tackled starting his business financially   27:25 - Product testing and tweaking. Starting from the ground up    29:17 - How Amon scaled his business    34:09 - Systems Amon has in place to generate new leads    36:47 - Amon’s advice for those who want to build an agency    38:51 - Where to find Amon online Links   Amon’s Facebook

  • DCP - Ep1 - Mike Vestil - Financial Independence at 25

    DCP - Ep1 - Mike Vestil - Financial Independence at 25

    03/09/2019 Duración: 50min

    The inaugural episode of the Danny Carlson Podcast features Mike Vestil. Mike is a rare prodigy at the art of work/life balance. A success in multiple areas of digital business such as Shopify dropshipping and affiliate marketing as well as an author at age 22, Mike shares his invaluable experiences with us here in this pivotal episode.    2:52 - Mike’s book   7:35 - The importance of recognizing and admitting the things you want to change about yourself   11:33 - What motivated Mike to achieve his current status as a location independent and financially independent digital nomad?   18:45 - With the highs come the lows   20:08 - How Mike works to expel the negativity and stay mindful   25:46 - Creating momentum in positivity    28:59 - Feedback loops in social media and the importance of authenticity   38:37 - Mike’s motivation to stay fit   43:23 - Mike’s advice for anyone looking for motivation to start their dream business    48:43 - Where to find Mike online  Links   Mike’s website - https://www.mikevest