3 Science Fiction Stories

  • Autor: Gerald Vance
  • Narrador: Phil Chenevert
  • Editor: UBK Publishing House
  • Duración: 1:24:07
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Three Science Fiction stories by the great Gerald Vance: Monsoons of Death is a very nice blend of horror story and a study of true bravery on the planet Mars. In Larson's Luck, Vance takes us on a light hearted jaun into hot shot space ship pilots, piracy and the good part of breaking the rules. The last story, Vital Ingredient, takes the listener far into the future when the sport of boxing still has two musceled opponents battling it out in a ring, but they are simply puppets, every muscle, feint and jab controlled by ring side 'managers'; ex fighters who have moved up. The story asks the question: is this how champions are made?