Mared & Karen

Exhumation (Season 1 Update: Part I)



This episode is the first of a three part update on Appalachian Mysteria Season 1 — Mared & Karen: The WVU Coed Murders. Without a doubt, these two episodes will be the most important updates since the season finished airing in 2018. In this episode, we’re reintroduced to Albert “Rod” Everly, a National Guardsman who was one of the first people on the scene when the bodies of Mared & Karen were found. As it turns out, Rod has been nursing a theory about the murders for more than 50 years. After acquiring the “Triangle” letters from Geoff and Sarah, he fleshes the theory out further, leading the podcast crew to unexpectedly exhume a body. A few weeks later, the Dominion Post begins a series of articles about new excavations by State Police. The photos accompanying the articles clearly depict Rod Everly, and we set out to explain to the general public exactly what has been happening with the case. The WVU Coed Murders: Who Killed Mared & Karen? — Geoff & Sarah’s book, now available at Amazon. Coming in at 400 p