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[Traveltrends] Influencers are the Key to Attracting Chinese Travelers with Lauren Hallanan



If you are new to the China market, or in the process of creating a digital strategy to reach your Chinese consumers, there is one tactic you just can’t ignore: KOL (key opinion leader) endorsement. I was pleased to received Lauren Hallanan who is an influencer, Chinese social media marketer In this #travelcast episode, we spoke on: Why Influencers are the Key to Attracting Chinese Travelers. Have you ever heard of a social media influencer with 4.5 million followers selling 100 cars (no, not virtual cars) in five minutes in the West? Probably not, but in China this is not an uncommon event in China’s KOL-driven economy. Qumin has created a brief overview of what makes the Chinese influencers' market far more powerful than in the West. China’s internet is mobile first According to the 2018 Abacus report, while China’s internet penetration is just over 50%, it still has 11x times more mobile payment users (527 million) than in the US. Chinese consumers order food through Eleme (饿了么), look up venues thro